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We are authorised to operate in 19 countries constituting “Eastern Europe” and we aim to give practical and spiritual assistance “Wherever the need arises”. Our goal is to provide aid to individuals, hospitals, schools and other support groups working in conjunction with churches.

We look to the day when our direct intervention is no longer required.

Scope of Activity

We provide care and support for the following;

We were very grateful for the sponsorship we received from McGill’s Bus Services
for our Trip to Romania in May 2012.


School children in Greenock, Scotland donated funds to buy gifts sent in a Shoe Box Appeal for Romanian children some 1800 miles distant. This included items such as soap, toothpaste, face cloths, toys and other small treats. Children  


Romanian Road  Road-building projects have made a vast difference to Romania’s infrastructure in recent years but often at a slower pace than we in the west would expect. Here, the truck had to negotiate a very narrow road and crumbling road surface only inches from a 15 inch (375mm) drop.


The gift of a wheel chair for this bedridden old man spells a new lease of life allowing him to get out of his tiny home in the remote village of Ungareni. Looking on are his daughter and son-in law who could hardly believe that the truck had come back for yet another visit to their village in the north east of the country.

This family in Sighetu Marmatiei, northern Romania, was given food during several visits and we are always delighted to renew friendships.


Thanks to both individual and corporate donations from our supporters, we are able to deliver tons of food, clothes and other items to local communities where it is distributed according to need.


Children at the Ripiceni Orphanage We deliver food, clothing, toys and bicycles to orphanages which are often located in remote country areas. This orphanage in the small village of Ripiceni has no running water but this does nothing to dampen the spirits of the lively children and staff who are always delighted to see us. It is lovely to see how the children grow up and develop year on year.

This is part of the road which leads to the orphanage. It has deteriorated in recent years due to a landslide brought about by heavy rain and subsequent neglect. This presented a challenge as our truck negotiated the route to deliver aid.


The School At Sighet Unloading Desks Unloading Chairs

School staff receive added equipment when we are able to do so and here a consignment of desks and chairs are a welcome sight. Some very young children have had to take turns standing during lessons because of a lack of chairs in the classroom.

Text books, black boards and other resources are also provided giving a much-needed boost to enhance the children’s learning experience.

General Hospitals

Medicines, ECG equipment and incontinence pads were just some of the items delivered to the general hospital in Botosani. Loyal and dedicated staff often work under severe shortages and the delivery of our consignment of goods was greeted with enthusiasm.

Baby Hospitals

Colin and Gordon visit a Baby Hospital A baby at the Baby Hospital A woman and child at the Baby Hospital Colin meets a Doctor

Medicines and other essential supplies are regularly provided to this Baby Hospital in Botosani where State funding provides about 34p (about 48 cents or €0.47) per child per day. Antibiotics, food, clothes, blankets and toys are among the items which were gratefully received here. The doctor-in-charge readily concedes the lifeline our service provides to those young lives.

Training Needs

While humanitarian aid is crucial for the immediate needs of both adults and children, we believe that over the longer term, the provision of training and education are the keys to self-help, confidence-building, job security and ultimately to financial independence.

We hope to embark on relevant training for those seeking employment. Requests for skills enhancement include training in carpentry, computing, English language, information technology, key boarding, printing and start your own business. We are actively seeking the way forward and hope that initial projects will be rolled out in the near future.

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